Lakeland Agencies Inc

Lakeland Agencies Inc is owned and operated by Collin Ross whom took over the business from Dan and Terry Ross in 2020. Dan and Terry first began to operate the business in 2000 under the Trade Name of "K. Dimond Agency", and on October 1, 2006 the Name of the Business officially changed to "Lakeland Agencies". Collin has been working at the Business since 2001.

Lakeland Agencies operates in Loon Lake, SK. in a Modern (2009) 1600sqft Office building located on 418 Main St. in Loon Lake, SK. Lakeland Agencies also operates a Sub Office in Goodsoil, SK. out of a Rented 176sqft Office Space located in Larry's Place at 308 Main St. in Goodsoil, SK.

Lakeland Agencies is dedicated to providing Professional and Knowledgeable Service. We are constantly training and staying informed with the latest Products and Technology in the Insurance Industry so we can provide the Best Service to our Valued Clients.

Proudly a member of the
Insurance Brokers Association of Saskatchewan (IBAS)