Insurance Products

Personal Lines

Whether it is your Home, your toys or your Health we can help you find the coverage that matters to you.

Home Insurance

Homes come in many shapes and sizes but no matter where or what your home is it is Important to you. We can help you find the coverage that will give you peace of mind and help protect what is important to you.

Auto Insurance

Whether it is your Personal Commuter, Your recreational vehicle, or your restored classic, you want to make sure that you have the coverage you need and want. Contact us to find out what your Saskatchewan Registration Insurance provides you and how an Auto Pak Extension policy can benefit you.

Farm Insurance

Whether you have a Small or Large farm, a Grain or Cattle Farmer, or a little bit of everything, we can help you customize the Farm coverage to meet your needs.

Recreational Property

You spend a lot of time and money on your toys so you can enjoy them. Don't let any worries about the property get you down and let us help you get the coverage that will give you peace of mind.

Health/Travel Insurance

With the affordable, flexible coverage you will gain the added confidence of knowing that many of your health-related expenses both routine and unexpected, will be covered for you and your family.

Commercial Lines Insurance

Your work is important to you,we can help you protected that interest.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your commercial vehicles is important for things to operate smoothly, protect your investment and your future. Whether it be a single vehicle or a fleet, we can help you find the coverage that works for you.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your business property is your source of income for your family and employees. We can help you get coverage to ensure that your continued business success has as little interruption as possible.


Whether bonding is a requirement of your employment or you want to open opportunities as a business owner, we have a complete range of Surety products to offer you.

Specialty Products

Insurance companies often put together special commercial package coverage that focuses on a certain part of the market, providing exceptional coverage and prices for that industry. Here are a few of those offerings that we provided.