WETT SITE Basic Inspections

We have a WETT Certified SITE Basic Inspector on staff that is available to do Visual Inspections for Solid Fuel burning appliances.

WETT SITE Basic Inspections

  • A WETT inspection is the inspection of a solid-fuel-burning system, performed by a WETT-certified professional, for compliance with applicable codes and standards. Appliances or installations cannot be WETT certified.
  • We are offering WETT Visual inspection services to our clients and any third parties that may require it.
  • Please contact us for costs


Visual Inspection - Purpose

What is it used for?

This type of inspection may be required as part of a real estate purchase, as requested by your insurer, as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction or as part of a Fire Code requirement. It also provides peace of mind to you prior to use.

Visual Inspection - Scope

What is included

This includes a basic inspection of the solidfuel- burning appliance and venting system components that are visible. It will include measurements of clearances, opening doors or dampers, and a visual inspection of the chimney from the ground. It will identify any noted deficiencies and red flags that may require a more detailed inspection.

It will include a final report on WETT inspection forms.

Visual Inspection - Need

When is it Required?

  • If you have just purchased the property and are unsure about the appliance, you should have this inspection done.
  • If you change your appliance or some of the visible components of the system, you should have the inspection done prior to operation.
  • If there is obvious evidence of a problem with the system, a “Technical” inspection should be completed.
  • This type of inspection may be required before insurance coverage can be issued