Services Offered

Besides our Insurance Brokerage Services, we also offer the following services for your convenience.

SGI Motor License Issuing

We provide a complete service of SGI Motor License Issuing. Our staff are always training to keep informed of the latest regulations and products to help make sure you are safe and legal.

Land Titles

Why pay lawyers fees if you do not require a lawyer? We provide Fast and Convenience Land Title Services

Notary Public/Commissioner

We have a Notary Public and a Commissioner For Oaths for Saskatchewan in our Office to help you complete your Legal forms. Ask us about our fees and conditions.

Misc Services

Alongside our regular Insurance Products and Services we offer the various Miscellaneous services as well for your convenience.

WETT Inspections

We have a WETT Certified SITE Basic Inspector on staff that is available to do Visual Inspections for Solid Fuel burning appliances.